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2 years ago

Woody and His Arrow-Part1

Woody and His Arrow-Part1

        Once upon a time, there was a little white bear whose appearance was the strangest among all of his family..... While all of his brothers and sisters are brown and huge in size, he was as white as snow and just the smallest among them all. Eversince the first day he was born, his parents know that he will be teased so they tried to ask him to stay in the cave as much as they could.... But of course nothing could stop this bear from exploring the world. While the other bears are big in size and able to fish for food easily, Woody is just the total opposite... He was a small clumsy bear who would scare the fish away the moment he start entering the river... The bears were often very annoyed at this and would chase him away as much as they could but Woody who was borned a carefree bear couldn't care less about fish.

        "Why catch the poor creature?" He often wondered as he entered the wood all by himself to pick some fruits to fill his stomach.